MC Labo

Outline of Technologies & Products

 MC Labo. technologies have been developed by the strong teamwork with the following four laboratories;
  • Yoshida Labo. (Kagoshima Univ.),   
  • Taguchi Labo. (Niigata Univ.),   
  • Shiomori Labo. (Miyazaki Univ.) and   
  • Kiyoyama Labo. (Miyakonojoh College of Technology).

 The following MC(microcapsule) will be demonstrated or investigated as MC Labo. products.
  1. MC products developed during the JST Start-up Program from Univ.
    1. MC containing insect sex pheromone, to promote environmental agriculture
    2. MC fumigant containing mustard oil, being environmentally friendly
    3. MC soil reformer containing effective organisms, changing putrefaction soil into fermentation soil
    4. Heat Storage MC containing PCM (phase change material) for cooling energy plants, reducing CO2
    5. MC containing denitrifying bacteria for the removal of nitrate-nitrogen in contaminated ground water

  2. MC under preparation
    1. MC for paintings
    2. MC for cosmetics
    3. Intelligent MC, repairing automatically cracking plastic tools
    4. MC for fry feeding

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